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An Educator's Guide with Activities in Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education

Welcome to the exciting world of aeronautics. The term aeronautics originated in France, and was derived from the Greek words for "air" and "to sail." It is the study of flight and the operation of aircraft. This educator guide explains basic aeronautical concepts, provides a background in the history of aviation, and sets them within the context of the flight environment (atmosphere, airports, and navigation).

The activities in this guide are designed to be uncomplicated and fun. They have been developed by NASA Aerospace Education Services Program specialists, who have successfully used them in countless workshops and student programs around the United States. The activities encourage students to explore the nature of flight, and experience some real-life applications of mathematics, science, and technology.

The subject of flight has a wonderful power to inspire learning.

Download the units (all files are PDF):

Download the entire Aeronautics Educator's Guide EG-2002-06-105-HQ (129 pages - 3.6 MB) or download the sections you want below...

Part 1: Introductory materials (pdf 400K)

  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface/How to Use This Guide
  • Matrices
    • Science Standards
    • Mathematics Standards
    • Science Process Skills
  • Aerospace Technology Enterprise
  • Aeronautics Background for Educators

Part 02: Activities: Air (pdf 764K)

  • Air Engines
  • Dunked Napkin
  • Paper Bag Mask
  • Wind in Your Socks
  • Air: Interdisciplinary Learning Activities

Part 03: Activities: Flight (pdf 1.1MB)

  • Bag Balloons
  • Sled Kite
  • Right Flight
  • Delta Wing Glider
  • Rotor Motor
  • Flight: Interdisciplinary Learning Activities

Part 04: Activities: We Can Fly, You and I (pdf 1.1MB)

  • Making Time Fly
  • Where is North? The Compass Can Tell Us
  • Let's Build a Table Top Airport
  • Plan to Fly There
  • We Can Fly, You and I: Interdisciplinary Learning Activities

Part 05: Appendix (pdf 284K)

  • The Parts of an Airplane
  • Aeronautical Glossary
  • Suggested Reading
  • NASA Resources for Educators
  • Evaluation Reply Card

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