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Imagine the Universe DVD Imagine the Universe 2

Adventures in Airspace Systems Education: ISO Disk Image (188.6 MB)
Computer CD-ROM for Mac OS9 or higher or Windows XP, NT, 2000. Requires a browser, Flash player, and Quicktime. An internet connection is required to view auxiliary materials. The CD-ROM includes the following educational programs:

Virtual Skies (Grades 9-12+) - The metaphor of air traffic management allows students to engage in real-life descision-making scenarios in the areas of geography, meteorology, statistics, and aeronautics.

Future Flight Design (Grades 5-8) - Problem-based learning in this interactive web site teaches students about forces and motion, engineering design, and aerospace engineering.

Robin Whirlybird (Grades K-4) - Teachers, students, and homeschoolers alike will enjoy this online, interactive storybook about one girl's visit to a rotorcraft research center where her mother works.


Aeronautics Touch Screen CD

NASA Aeronautics Research Onboard : ISO Disk Image (262.6 MB)

Interactive CD and Touch Screen files that lead students through discoveries and inventions NASA developed to help make aviation safer and better. Covers commercial and military aircraft. Works on both Macintosh and Windows PCs.



Imagine the Universe DVD Imagine the Universe 2

Exploring Aeronautics: ISO Disk Image (392 MB) - For Macintosh and Windows

Exploring Aeronautics is designed for classroom use in grades 5-8. This exciting educational CD-ROM offers an introduction to aeronautics, covers the fundamentals of flight, contains an historical timeline, examines different types of aircraft and teaches students to use the tools of aeronautics used by researchers to test aircraft designs. This teacher-paced software includes lively animations. Quicktime movies and student activities promoting the use of the scientific method in the world of aeronautics.


Aeronautics Touch Screen CD

Flight Testing Newton's Laws : ISO Disk Image (135 MB)

Flight Testing Newton's Laws Educator Guide (2.7 MB PDF)

Flight Testing Newton's Laws (iPod Video - ZIP file - 830 MB)

EC-2003-02-001- DFRC for Grades 9-12. A test Pilot approach to High School Physics. Designed to engage high school students in Newtonian physics as it applies to the real world of flight testing aircraft. This highly interactive program is derived from the Flight Testing Newton's Laws educator guides and companion 2-hour videos coproduced by NASA and the National Test Pilots School. Using extensive narration, animation, QuckTime movies and photographs, the instructors from the National Test Pilots School guide students through 10 lessons covering Newton's three laws of motion, complementary areas of trigonometry, vector addition, weight and balance, and resolutions of forces. Many of the demonstrations were photographed in flight as the instructors control aircraft ranging from gliders to supersonic jets.

Note: This disk was created in 2003, so it will not work on any Macintosh that will no longer run "classic" mode. However, I did test it out on our Windows 7 PCs and it ran just fine.


Exploring the Moon Slide Set (PDF file - 2 MB)


Gate to Gate Cover Image

Gate to Gate: ISO Disk Image (300 MB) - For Macintosh Power PC and Windows 98 or Later

Get ready for your journey through our nation's Air Traffic Control System. You will take a behind-the-scenes look at the people and the tools they use every day to manage air traffic. You will navigate through several phases of a flight from San Francisco to New York beginning with the preflight phase and ending with the landing phase.


Our Very Own Star: The Sun (PDF), a book for grades K-4. Also, the Spanish version - Nuestra Propia Estrella: el Sol (PDF) is available.


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Space School Musical

Disc 1 - Space School Musical DVD Video: Total running time: ISO image = 3.73 GB

30 minutes of non-stop action and learning performed by students from Hamilton High School in Los Angeles, California. Also extra features.

Space School Musical Activity Guides - PDF Files - Contains cross curricular lesson plans. Teaching tips. How to produce the play. Lyrics and glossary.

  1. Activity Guide
  2. Lyrics
  3. Produce the Play
  4. Teaching Tips

Disc 3 - Space School Musical - Music Tracks and Karaoke Tracks: Zip File = 101 MB

9 amazing music tracks filled with fun facts. One version with vocals for listening, learning and lip-syncing. One karaoke version so you can sing our lyrics or write your own.

Copyright 2011 - all rights reserved. Permission is not required for duplication


Welcome to the Planets The WWW portion of NASA's Planetary Data System Educational CD-ROM online. This section contains a more in-depth description of each planet with many pictures of each.



Imagine the Universe DVD - 16th Edition - March 2012: A NASA produced DVD that contains four astronomy education web sites. It provides information, beautiful images, and learning adventures for all ages and grade levels. Included are...

  • Imagine the Universe - Exotic objects and topics in our Universe for grades 7 and up - what we know about it, how it is evolving, and the kinds of objects and phenomena it contains. Lots of resources for educators, too!
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day - The year 2011 in pictures - beautiful, inspiring images with explanations by professional astronomers for all ages.
  • Afterschool Universe - Resources for an out-of-school-time astronomy curriculum targeted at grades 6-8. Engaging hands-on activities explore stars, galaxies, black holes and other topics beyond the solar system.
  • Starchild - An award-winning site for younger astronomers, grades K-8. Introduces the Solar System, Universe, and space exploration. Includes activities, movies, and puzzles.

(Prepared and produced by members of the Astrophysics Science Division at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center to bring the excitement of their work to teachers, students, and the world.)