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  1. Cosmic Times Poster Sets Available - Our Cosmic Times posters are available for distribution. This set of six posters tell the story of how our understanding of the universe has changed over the past 100 years. Each poster mimics the front page of a newspaper from a key era in this history. Articles describe the discoveries and ideas that have lead us to our current state of knowledge. The Cosmic Times web site has accompanying lesson plans and a teacher guide which provides background to all the articles. For your students, there are also two newsletter versions of each poster, each at a different reading level and downloadable from the web site.

    Displaying the posters will spark interest in science and science history, while the lessons will re-inforce science concepts and explore the historical and social context of this history.

    To order your set of Cosmic Times posters, go to our order form.

  2. WMAP Inflatable Universe Teaching Ball - This 12-inch inflatable beach ball portrays the oldest light in the universe. This light was emitted by hydrogen gas 380,000 years after the Big Bang, long before stars and galaxies formed. The patterns in this light trace minute variations in the early gas density (a part in 100,000) and provide valuable information about the age, shape, and composition of our universe. The full sky map depicted on this beach ball was produce from data collected byt eh Wilkinson Microwave Anistotropy Probe (WMAP) between 2000 and 2006. For more information see the WMAP Inflatable Universe Teaching Ball page.

    To order yours, to go our order form. Because of their bulk, please limit your request to 1 per customer.

  3. "Got Calcium?" Lithograph - "Got Calcium?" is a perfect illustration on the production of the chemical elements in stars and supernovae, this revised lithograph features a new image of the Cassiopeia A supernova remnant. It also includes the first-ever bovine-astronomy classroom activity. Your 4-H students will love it, and city-slickers will get a new appreciation of dairy production!

    Check out the online Got Calcium? page, and order your hardcopy via our order form.

  4. Space Forensics: Death of a Star - We've developed a workshop on how scientists collect and analyze the evidence from a cosmic crime scene and solve the mysteries of a supernova. This presentation includes background, activities, and a narrative exploration of scientific problem solving. This presentation is available in our Teachers' Corner.

  5. "What is Your Cosmic Connection to the Elements?" Poster and Information Booklet - This poster and information/activity booklet provides information on the cosmic origins of the chemical elements. Astronomy topics include the big bang, life cycles of stars, supernovae, cosmic rays, and the chemical compoisition of the universe. Physics topics include fusion and physical principles important in stellar evolution. Chemistry teachers will find information connecting the elements with their cosmic origins. The booklet is complete with 8 classroom activities which use a variety of techniques to re-inforce the material.

    Check out the Cosmic Elements page for online versions of the poster and booklet, the power point presentation of our workshop, and a link to our order form.

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