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Dark Matter and Dark Energy

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  1. Explorethe science of dark matter (

  2. The Dark MatterMystery (

  3. Dark Energy (

  4. Dark Energyand the Proposterous Universe (

Library of Past Questions and Answers

    Dark Energy

  1. What is dark energy, and what is dark matter?

  2. Is Dark Energy a relatively recent force?

    Dark Matter

  1. What areas are at the forefront of Milky Way Studies?

  2. Can you tell me how dark matter affects galactic spin?

  3. Has there been any research with empirical results proving the existence of 'Dark Matter'

  4. What is the ratio of barionic to non-barionic matter in the cosmos?

  5. Could the missing mass be around as energy from the Big Bang?

  6. Could neutrinos be the missing Dark Matter?

  7. Could virtual WIMPS be the Dark Matter?

  8. How are WIMPS distributed in a galaxy?

  9. Could Dark Matter be Solitons and Instantons?

  10. Could mini-blackholes from the Big Bang be what Dark Matter is?

  11. Could dark matter be gravity from other dimensions?

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