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(Submitted September 27, 1998)

I was rather interested in the new type of propulsion mentioned on television. Please e-mail me about the subject.

The Answer


Thank you for writing to "Ask an Astrophysicist." It is great that you are interested in astronomy and in space travel; the technology you are probably referring to is an "ion thruster." From a web page on a course in Plasma and Electric Thrusters given at the University of Wisconsin comes this definition of Electrostatic or Ion Thrusters:

This class has a single member, the ion thruster. Its key principle is that a voltage difference between two conductors sets up an electrostatic potential difference that can accelerate ions to produce thrust. The ions must, of course, be neutralized--often by electrons emitted from a hot filament. The three main stages of an ion-thruster design are ion production, acceleration, and neutralization.
This page appears to have disappeared.)

An ion thruster is being used by Deep Space 1, which uses solar panels as a source of energy to build up the necessary electrostatic potential to accelerate the ions:
They are also used for some new commercial communications satellites (Hughes offers this option) for altitude and station keeping.


J. Allie Hajian
John Cannizzo
for the "Ask an Astrophysicist" Team

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