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The Question

(Submitted February 06, 1997)

Where can I get a poster of the electromagnetic spectrum? I have seen them at some places. If you know it would be greatly appreciated.

The Answer

Unfortunately I do not know where to get an electromagnetic spectrum poster.

Two nice catalogs for stuff like this are:

1. Sky publishing:

2. The Astronomical Society of the Pacific

However, neither one has an electromagnetic spectrum poster in its current catalog.

Good Luck,

Jonathan Keohane
(for Imagine the Universe!)

PS. A reader of this site has pointed out that such a poster can be obtained free of charge from Wright Center for Science Education Teachers can obtain the printed version free via mail; anybody can download the zipped jpeg file, which, however, does not have a sufficient resolution for the text to be legible.

PPS. Another reader recommended the online catalogue from Exploratorium in San Francisco as another possible resource. See

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