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The Question

(Submitted December 02, 1996)

Where could I find some pictures of UV radiation (if it's possible). Please send me the URL address.

The Answer

High-energy at the HEASARC covers the energy range of 100 eV on up, X-rays and gamma-rays, which is beyond what most astronomers consider to be the UV. However, if you are open minded about it, we have some great images from the soft X-ray (100 - 2000 eV) band. Many of these can be found in the ROSAT (Roentgen Satellite, a German-UK-US collaboration) Guest Observer Facility pages: in the Public Gallery area: HEASARC has images from a vast array of experiments (66), although not all have images of astrophysical objects. These can be found at:

The Hubble Space Telescope ventures a bit into the near UV. Their pages can be found at:

In addition, the Resources button on the Imagine the Universe! pages can lead you to pages of other groups with outreach activities.

Steve Snowden for Imagine the Universe!.

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