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The Question

(Submitted October 27, 2001)

I once read that there was a theory that a black hole could be connected to a white hole. Does that the theory have any validity? Also, if that theory is valid, that does that mean anything that falls into a black hole is ejected from a white hole? And where will this matter be ejected into? Another galaxy or another universe (if that exists)? Also, are black holes connected with hyperspace?

The Answer

Thank you for your question. It is mathematically possible, in the case of rotating black holes, for there to be a black hole and white hole connected by a wormhole. It is questionable whether such objects could form in actuality and, if they did form, whether they would be stable. If they did exist, anything falling into such a black hole would indeed be ejected from a white hole (after experiencing some extreme physical conditions) -- possibly in a distant region of spacetime (possible in the past or future), or even in another universe. However, there is no observational evidence for white holes.

-- Michael Loewenstein and Amy Fredericks for "Ask an Astrophysicist"

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