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The Cosmic Times Team

Cosmic Times is being developed by a team consisting of writers, teachers, an evaluator, a graphic artist, an editor. Pictured below are the project leaders with our team of teachers from Perkiomen Valley School District in Pennsylvania.

The Cosmic Times Team
(from left to right): James Lochner (Project Leader), Sandra Sweeney, Damico Ponzio, Roberta Paul, Joe Petsko, Sandra Knotts, Barbara Mattson (Deputy Project Leader)

Other Team Members (not pictured)

Beth Barbier - editor, and contributor for 1929 Cosmic Times

Karen Smale - graphic artist for poster and newsletter layouts

Dr. Grace Cisek (Perkiomen Valley School District) - coordinator for our teachers.

Allyson Walker (Cornerstone Evaluation Associates, Pittsburgh, PA) - coordinator for the evaluation of the poster and lessons. The evaluations were carried out by teachers who are members of the THEMIS GOENS program: Cris DeWolf (Remus, MI), Harriet T. Howe (Ft. Yates, ND), Victor Trautman (Petersburg, AK), Wendell Gehman (Pine Ridge, SD), Laura Orr (Ukiah, OR), and Ray Benson (Kipnuk, AK). We thank them all for their diligence and suggestions.

Larry O'Hanlon (Placitas, NM) - writer for 1955, 1965, 1993 and 2006 Cosmic Times

Andrea Gianopolous (Neenah, WI) - writer for 1929 Cosmic Times

Trudy Bell (Lakewood, OH) - writer for 1919 Cosmic Times

April Lanotte (Calhan, CO) - wrote the text for the Early Edition newsletters (for reading level grades 7-8)

Aaron LaBlanc (Chesapeake High School, Pasadena, MD, Class of 2010) - designed the online version of the Cosmic Times posters for the new version of the web site; also helped with the layout for the Early and Home editions of the newsletters.

The Imagine the Universe! Team - participated in the design and review of the Cosmic Times articles.

Cosmic Times HOME Teacher Resources Imagine the Universe!
1919 1929 1955 1965 1993 2006

Cosmic Times is a product of the Imagine the Universe! website. Imagine the Universe is a service of the High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC), Dr. Alan P. Smale (Director), within the Astrophysics Science Division (ASD) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.

The Cosmic Times Team
Cosmic Times Project Leaders: Dr. Jim Lochner and Dr. Barbara Mattson
Curator: Barbara Mattson
Responsible NASA Official: Phil Newman
All material on this site has been created and updated between 2007-2011.

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