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Cosmic Times is a historical restrospective showing
how astronomy changes on human timescales.

Gravity bending starlight! (1919) A solar eclipse confirms that Einstein's theory of gravity, not Newton's, correctly predicts the bending of starlight.

Our expanding universe! (1929) Hubble builds on his earlier discovery that the Milky Way Galaxy is but one of many galaxies in our Universe to find that the Universe is expanding.

Einstein's death! (1955) The debate rages between whether the Big Bang and Steady State correctly describes the origin of the universe.

Light from the Big Bang! (1965) Penzias and Wilson discover the Cosmic Microwave Background, the remnant radiation from the very early Universe, which makes the Big Bang the lead theory for the origin of the Universe.

The universe's baby picture! (1993) The COBE mission measures fluctuations in the Cosmic Microwave Background, which explain where structure in our Universe comes from and confirming the role of inflation in the early universe.

Dark energy! (2006) The supernova distance scale leads to the discovery of dark energy, a puzzling new component of our Universe that had been undetected until 1997, and its the nature remains a mystery in 2006.

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Cosmic Times HOME Teacher Resources Imagine the Universe!
1919 1929 1955 1965 1993 2006

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