Phenomenally Pfun Puzzle


All of the information necessary to complete this puzzle can be found in the sections on black holes and quasars. You may also find it helpful to use our Glossary. Enter your answer for each clue in the box provided for you. At any time, you can press the button (found below all the clues) to add your answers to the crossword. To change a single word, go back to where you entered the word in the box, delete the incorrect text, enter the new word, and press the button to have it show up in the puzzle. If you need to start over, press the erase button. This will clear the entire puzzle.

If the computer beeps at you and refuses to accept any more input to an answer, you have entered more than the allowable number of letters for that answer! (Two letter words should be entered as one word, since that is how they appear in the puzzle.)