Problems in Space Experts' Solution

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Name Reasoning Expert Rank
Box matches No oxygen on Moon to sustain flame: virtually worthless 15
Food concentrate Efficient means of supplying energy requirements 4
Eighteen meters of nylon rope Useful in scaling cliffs and/or tying injured together 6
Parachute silk Protection from the Sun's rays 8
Solar-powered heating unit Not needed unless on dark side 13
Two .45 caliber pistols Possible means of self-propulsion 11
One case of powdered milk Bulkier duplication of food concentrate 12
Two tanks of oxygen Most pressing survival need 1
Stellar map (of the Moon's constellations) Primary means of navigation 3
Self-inflating life raft CO2 bottle in raft may be used for propulsion 9
Magnetic compass Magnetic field on Moon is not polarized; worthless for navigation 14
Fifteen liters of water Replacement for tremendous liquid loss on lighted side 2
Signal flares Can be used as a distress signal 10
First-aid kit Vitamins, medicines, etc. can be used to sustain health 7
Solar-powered FM Walkie Talkie For communication with rescue party; but FM requires line-of-sight transmission and short ranges 5

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