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The Solution

1. Born in Karnal, India, Dr. Kalpana Chawla enjoys flying aerobatics and reading. A
2. Born in Tokyo, Japan, Dr. Takao Doi was the first Japanese astronaut to conduct a spacewalk (November 1997). E
3. Born in Quebec City, Canada, Dr. Marc Garneau has not only traveled in space aboard the Shuttle but has also traveled across the Atlantic Ocean in a 59 foot long boat. B
4. Born in Lima, Peru, Major Carlos Noriega was part of a Shuttle crew, which transferred 4 tons of supplies between the Shuttle Atlantis and Mir Space Station. H
5. Born in Modena, Italy, Lieutenant Colonel Maurizio Cheli attended the Italian Air Force Academy. G
6. Born in La Rochelle, France, Brigadier-General Jean-Loup J. M. Chretien was the first non-American, non-Soviet cosmonaut to walk in space. D
7. Born in Augusta, Georgia in the United States, Lieutenant Commander Susan Still has flown over 30 different types of aircraft. F

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