Can Flat Stanley visit StarChild?

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Yes! StarChild was pleased to be visited by Flat Stanley from Ms. LeVan's 3rd grade class in Bakersfield, California. We were particularly happy to see that Alyssa's Stanley made his way to us.

Stanley had quite a time visiting us at Louisiana State University in Shreveport, Louisiana. He got to look through a telescope at the planet Mars. He got to attend a science class with some future elementary school teachers (where we could not keep him off the balance!). He got to go home with Dr. Whitlock (the StarChild Project Director) and meet her Labrador Retriever puppy named Lily. But what Stanley seemed to enjoy the most was watching Dr. Whitlock create new pages for the StarChild site - especially since he was on them!

Thank you, Mr. LeVan's class for sending Stanley to us for a visit. He is now traveling to his next adventure, and I am sure you will hear from him soon! Meanwhile, enjoy the photos below from Stanley's visit to StarChild.

flat stanley arrives at lsus
Flat Stanley arrives at LSUS
flat stanley arrives at starchild for a visit
Flat Stanley arrives at StarChild for a visit
flat stanley meets dr. whitlock
Flat Stanley meets Dr. Whitlock
flat stanley readies the telescope
Flat Stanley readies the telescope for looking at Mars
flat stanley gets weighed in science class
Flat Stanley gets weighed in science class
flat stanley helps with the lab calculations
Flat Stanley helps with the lab calculations
flat stanley meets dr. whitlock's puppy
Flat Stanley meets Dr. Whitlock's puppy, Lily

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