Special Events in the Life of StarChild

October 2003

approved by schoolzone's team of independent education reviewers Schoolzone has awarded your site Highly Recommended for educational usefulness.

July 2003

wiredkids safe site seal Congratulations! StarChild has been awarded a Safe Site seal by WiredKids. Our rules are very stringent for a site to earn this award, and our Safe Site Seal is only given to sites that we believe offer something special for families and especially for children. We look for sites that encourage learning, literacy and are also fun and, most importantly, safe.

January 2001

Hello and congratulations! Your Web site, "StarChild A Learning Center for Young Astronomers," is being recognized with the Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence from "Dr. Matrix' Web World of Science" - the Web science exploration site of The Scientium

NSTA scilink logo Your pages have been included in the NSTA scilinks program! You are receiving this letter because one (or more) of your web pages was selected by our team of teachers who reviewed it using a stringent set of criteria that ensure selected materials have accurate content and effective pedagogy.

December 2000

Congratulations! Your website has been selected as a featured site in Lightspan's StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the Web by our researchers.

We are glad to announce that the StarChild site has been included in Ldnkskafferiet (the Link Larder) (http://lankskafferiet.skolutveckling.se/information/eng2.html). The Link Larder is a database for educational use which consists of subject structured and quality assessed Internet information resources chosen for Swedish pupils, especially those between 10 and 15 years of age.

November 2000

Congratulations! I am pleased to announce to you that your project has been selected as a finalist in the Global Junior Challenge. (http://www.gjc.it/2006/en/index.php)

September 2000

Congratulations! StarChild has been featured on HomeworkSpot.com (http://www.homeworkspot.com), a new educational Web site that simplifies the search for the best free online K-12 homework resources.

July 2000

Rated by Schoolzone's panel of expert teachers Congratulations! Your site, StarChild has been awarded a Four Star rating by Schoolzone's panel of over 400 expert teachers. This is in recognition of the fact that it is a very good educational site: useful for teaching and learning and easy to navigate.

January 2000

We would like to welcome StarChild to ElectronKids.com, one of the Internet's largest kids specific information sites! While searching the Internet for the top children's sites, we discovered your site and would like to add it to our Science page!

September 99

Congratulations! Your site has been chosen by the State of Washington's Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program to be included in the new online Resource Library on the GET web site. The Resource Library contains links to educational sites for both parents and children. Your site was chosen because it's educational, friendly, and fun to use.

August 99

Your website, StarChild, is listed in our Hotspots section (our pick of science-related sites) in the New Scientist website. This website is the online voice of New Scientist magazine, the world's leading science & technology weekly.

July 99

Look Smart Logo StarChild has been named one of the Top 100 Educational Web Sites of 1999 by The Education Source. Congratulations on your award!!! Your site has been chosen to be included in a select group of the most informative, innovative, and educational sites on the Internet today!

Your site has been reviewed and approved as a CyberAngels Safe site. Your site, StarChild, will be featured in our list of safe sites for families and children.

April 99

Congratulations! Your web site has just been given an award that acknowledges web site excellence based on the review of your site in Web This Week. Your review will be running on our site from April 13th until April 19th.

February 99

Congratulations! StarChild has been selected as one of the Top Kid Friendly websites in Surf Monkey's (http://www.familyisafety.com/surfmonkey/) Starsites Directory.

December 98

I am pleased to tell you that your website, StarChild, has been chosen for inclusion in the BBC Education Web Guide.

October 98

Congratulations! StarChild has been awarded a Snap Editors' Choice designation in recognition of its excellence in design, content, and editorial presentation. Snap's site reviews are editorially independent of partnerships, marketing relationships or competitive status; our goal is to point users to outstanding Web resources.

Star Award Congratulations!

Your StarChild site has been selected to receive the Griffith Observatory Star Award for the week of Oct. 11 - 17 for excellence in promoting astronomy to the public through the World Wide Web.

August 98

Webby Image Congratulations! StarChild has been selected as a valuable educational Internet resource for Discover Channel School.

July 98

Congratulations! Your web site http://starchild.gsfc.nasa.gov/ has been selected as a featured site in an issue of MaMaMedia Magazine. MaMaMedia Inc. is a children's media company creating Internet products for kids and their families.

April 98

The German translation of StarChild went online on 23 April. It is at http://www.avgoe.de/StarChild/index.html

StarChild has been selected for inclusion in the STARBRIGHT Foundation's private online network, STARBRIGHT World, which connects seriously ill children across the country to a community designed to meet their specific needs.

March 98

Webby Image StarChild wins the 1998 Webby Award (http://www.webbyawards.com) for Education.

We feel that your StarChild's Internet educational activity area is exceptional and we would like to include it in KiddoNet's "Great Sites."

January 98

StarChild selected as "Kidsite of the Week" for the week of January 18 by Concentric Network Corporation.

StarChild selected by the New York Institution for Special Education for evaluation for accessibility by persons with special needs. StarChild is the first site selected for evaluation under a grant from Bell Atlantic.

December 97

Congratulations! Your site, Starchild, has just been nominated for a 1998 Webby Award for Education. The Webby Awards, presented by THE WEB Magazine, honor the best sites on the Web. Every month, THE WEB editors review over 500 Web sites in 19 subject categories from Art to Weird. For the 1998 awards, they've now gone through all the sites reviewed over the past year and selected five nominees in each category.

October 97

StarChild is selected for inclusion in the Science WebGuide to be published for elementary teachers by Classroom Connect. Classroom Connect's primary goals are to introduce teachers to the abundance of high-quality educational content available on the Internet, show teachers how easily they can access this material, and provide teachers with hands-on, student-centered curriculum that encourages and facilitates the use of these resources.

StarChild has been named Best of the Web in the Living Channel by the editors of Snap! Online.

Congratulations, you site has been selected for inclusion in Duracell's "CopperTop Science Center!" This area was developed as a public service for parents and their children seeking quality science education material on the web. Our panel of education experts spent 3 months evaluating science sites - and yours was judged one of the best.

Sept 97

"Congratulations! We're excited to inform you that Star Child has been chosen as Eye on the Web's Daily Top Site for the date of 9/25/97."

July 97

Featured in the "Postcards From the Net" and "Don't Miss Hit... for Kids Who Love Science" sections of the 2nd edition of THE INTERNET KIDS YELLOW PAGES, by Jean Armour Polly, published by Osborne McGraw-Hill.

June 97

ASTRONOMY Magazine, "Webweaver Picks"

"Recently we enjoyed a very pleasant visit to your web site! It is with great pride that we announce that your web site is the WINNER of our esteemed Majon Web Select "SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD." (As mentioned in the Wall Street Journal.)"

A Portuguese translation of StarChild is begun.

April 97

StarChild released on a CD-ROM for free distribution to educators.

March 97

StarChild in Italian goes online at http://www.pd.astro.it/MOSTRA/G0000HOM.HTM translation provided by a team at the Padova Astronomical Observatory.

"We have selected Your Site to receive the Kid's For A Cure KidSAFE Site Award!! We look for sites that are fun, educational and NOT boring. Kids For A Cure National Children's Foundation and Society is an organization made up of children under 12 years of age who are committed to raising funds and awareness for Pediatric AIDS."

February 1997

A feature at http://www.usatoday.com/, "NASA site introduces kids to astronomy"

"The team responsible for developing the Web site for the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) wants to let you know that "StarChild" is featured in this month's Digital Dozen. The ENC collects both physical and virtual resources useful to math and science educators. Each month we choose a baker's dozen of web sites to highlight. The criteria we use to select sites include valuable math and/or science content, teacher appeal, clear navigational aids, and that special something. In addition to being featured in this month's Digital Dozen, your site has been included in our main listing of educational links."

January 1997

"This letter is to let you know that your site, StarChild, has been deemed an outstanding Web site by the WebCrawler Select Editorial Team."

December 1996

Level 1 of the new StarChild site goes online.

"Your sites--StarChild-General Astronomy Learning Center for Young Astronomers, and High Energy Astrophysics Learning Center--have been chosen selections for the Scout Report (Nov. 15, 1996 issue), the premier weekly collection of useful Internet sites for discerning Internauts. Care is taken in the selection of items included in the Scout Report. Basic criteria include depth of content, author, information maintenance, and presentation."

October 1996

Completely rewritten version of the StarChild site goes online. Level 2 is in place; Level 1 is still to be written.

Selected by Yahoo! as one of the Top 5% websites.

"Your web site has been chosen by our WebPilot staff as useful, fun, exciting, great looking, or just plain good to know about. As a result, we have chosen to put a link to your site from ours, and award you our WINGS medal."

The StarChild site is a service of the High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC), Dr. Alan Smale (Director), within the Astrophysics Science Division (ASD) at NASA/GSFC.

StarChild Authors: The StarChild Team
StarChild Graphics & Music: Acknowledgments
StarChild Project Leader: Dr. Laura A. Whitlock
Responsible NASA Official: Phil Newman

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