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Complete the word spiral by filling in the star term described by each numbered clue. Write the first letter of the first answer in the box numbered 1. Fill in one letter per box moving clockwise around the spiral. The first letter of each answer should be written in a numbered box. Be careful! Each new word may overlap the word before it by one or more letters.

  1. planet closest to Earth
  2. name of the star in our solar system
  3. opposite of south
  4. opposite of cold

  1. takes place at 15,000,000 °C
  2. rapidly spinning stars which emit radio waves
  3. glowing balls of gas
  4. ring around the core of a star
  5. clouds of dust and gases in a galaxy
  6. form of energy coming from black holes
  7. nuclear fusion converts hydrogen into this element
  8. the fusion of helium atoms form these
  9. they give off pulses of radio waves
  10. area of the cloud in which nuclear fusion takes place


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