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For further information on the various stages of the life cycle of stars, examine the site Imagine the Universe! which is located on the World Wide Web. The URL for this site is


"Evolution of a Star", Starfinder Series #11, Maryland Instructional Technology, 1990. This video can be ordered from the CORE catalog**, or recorded from your local PBS station. It describes the birth, life and death of low mass and massive stars. Intended for the middle school (and above) student.

**Educators may request a catalog and order form by sending a request on school letterhead to the following address:


Lorain County JVS

15181 Route 58 South

Oberlin, OH 44074

216/774-1051 Ext. 293 or 294

(Mon-Fri) 8-4:00 p.m. E.S.T.

FAX 216/774-2144

Slide Set-

ASP Slide Set #AS238, Stellar Evolution by Dr. James Kaler, 27 slides with captions, $32.95, 1-800-962-3412.

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