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Association with National Standards ii
Life Cycles of Stars 1
I. Star Birth and Life
II. Beginning of the End
III. The End2
A. The Fate of Sun-Sized Stars: Black Dwarfs
B. The Fate of Massive Stars: Supernovae! and Then...
IV. More About the Stellar Endpoints 3
A. White/Black Dwarfs
B. Neutron Stars
C. Black Holes4
The Electromagnetic Spectrum as a Probe of the Universe4
Hey, Low Mass Star... This is Your Life! 6
Model a Black Hole 7
These Stars are Classified 7
Blackbody Radiation & Wien's Law 9
Bigger Than a Breadbox? 10
A Teaspoon of Starstuff 11
Crossing the Event Horizon 12
About the Poster 12

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