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Activity - Satellite Venn Diagram

Days Needed 1
Grade Level 11 - 12


In this activity, students will use the background information they have read to organize a list of sources and objects, putting each item given in the appropriate part of the Venn diagram, depending on which instrument will study that item.

Science and Math Standards

Content Standard 1:
- Mathematics as Problem Solving
Content Standard A:
- Unifying Concepts and Processes in Science
Content Standard 2:
- Mathematics as Communication
Content Standard F:
- Science and Technology



Print out the Student Worksheet for the students.


Students should write a five minute summary of the capabilities of the three observatories, based on their Venn diagram. Do the observatories compliment each other? Where are they redundant?


Students' understanding of the background material (on X-ray astronomy and on the three observatories) can be evaluated based on the accuracy of their Venn diagrams and the interpretation of the information on the Venn diagrams from their closure paper.

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