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Do you want to know how to link lists?

1. First, every student who NEEDS to receive the lists should press the [2nd] button then the [X, T, Q , n] button. Then they should toggle over to receive menu and then press [1:] and [ENTER]. Their calculators should be displaying "WAITING..."

2. Now, both the sender and the receiver should have a wire-like "link" plugged into both of their calculators. This link should have one end plugged into the receiver’s, and one end into the sender’s calculator. Make sure the link is plugged in tightly... this is a common cause of problems in linking.

2. The senders should press the [2nd] button then the [X, T, Q , n] button. Then they should toggle down to [4:] and [ENTER] where they would send a list.

3. The sender would then toggle down to whatever list s/he wanted to send and press the [ENTER] button.

4. When all of the lists have been marked and entered upon, the sender should toggle over to "transmit" and press the [ENTER] button.

5. Remember, the receiver’s calculator should be displaying "WAITING...", otherwise an error will occur.

6. If an error does occur, it’s no big deal! Just follow steps 1-5 again... and make sure the link is plugged in tight!

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