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Do you want to know how to algebraically determine the average intensity for each time bin?

1. First, make sure you have a list available in which you could put data. See below.

blank list 'fold'

2. If you want to name a list see below.

Do you want to know how to name lists?

3. Once the name is entered, you can start your operations on lists of data.

4. If you want to find an average value for each time bin of 3 lists of data, you must add and divide. See the last part of the entry in the screen capture below.


Specifically, if you want to use PER1, PER2, PER3 as your lists see below;

  • Press [(]

  • Press [2nd] then [STAT], then select the number beside which is the list you want to first select. See below.


    In this case, you should press 4 on this calculator for "PER1"

  • Press [+], then follow step B again until all lists are included in the operation.

  • Once all of the lists are entered, press [)] and press [/] then the number by which you'll divide. In this case we want to average 3 lists of data, so we'll press [3].

  • Press [ENTER] again to perform the algebraic operation and to make the data appear into the new list. See below.

    values of Per2,Per3,Fold


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