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Starting Xspec

Start up Student Hera (if you have not installed hera on your computer, follow this link for instructions: install Hera). You should see a login window, something like this:

Student Hera Login Window

Student Hera Login Window.

The first time you login, Student Hera will assign a number to you. If you record this number somewhere, then you can always login as the same user.

Once you've logged in, a window will open with the standard Student Hera tools. For this investigation, you will be using Xspec, a software package used by professional astronomers to analyze X-ray spectra of all types of astronomical objects.

To open Xspec, find the name "Xspec" under the Xanadu folder in the Available Tools box, as shown below.

Student Hera Interface Window

Student Hera interface. (Click for a larger view.)

To start Xspec, either double click on the name "Xspec" or single-click on it and then click the "Run" button. Two additional windows will appear when Xspec starts: the "xspec Output" window, where you will enter commands into Xspec, and the POW2.0 window, where plots of your data will appear. These two windows are shown below:

Xspec Command Window (xspec Output)

Xspec Command Window, labeled "xspec Output." (Click image for a larger view.)

Plot window (POW 2.0)

Plot Window, labeled "POW 2.0."

Now that Xspec is open, you can start your data analysis.

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