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Black Hole Transient Conclusions

You should have found that the absorption line was blueshifted, even though you probably predicted that the line would be redshifted. In fact, the astronomers studying this source were surprised by this result, too. What does it mean?

In short, it means that material is being shot out from the vicinity of the black hole. This is possibly in the form of a jet, as seen in the artist's conception of a similar system below. In order to see the material moving toward us, one of the jets must be pointing toward us.

Artist's conception of an accreting black hole with an
	accretion disk and jet

A closer glimpse of a spinning black hole. Gas can be seen forming a disk-shaped structure as it whirls around the black hole forming an accretion disk. There are also jets of material being shot out of the system perpendicular to the accretion disk.

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