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Analyzing Images

Now it is time to explore the images from ROSAT using the Hera program. You will open each of the "Fits" files and see if you can manipulate them using the tools to uncover new information about the Supernova Remnant. If you get stuck on how to use the tools, go back to the "Using Hera for Images"tab and re-read the tools directions or refer to the PDF version of the directions that can be printed out.

Activity 1: Manipulation of Rosat.25KeV

  • Open image Rosat.25KeV using Pow Plot.
  • Manipulate the image to look for new detail.
  • Record the manipulations and results in a chart (such as the one below) as you work.
  • Answer the questions after completing the manipulation of the image.

Manipulation Mode
(duplication, color change, scale change, etc.)
Results & Observations of Image

Activity 1 Questions:
  1. Describe whether or not you feel manipulation of the image was helpful or not helpful to you in looking for new information in the Supernova Remnant (SNR). Be specific with examples from your observation notes.
  2. Elaborate on which of the image manipulations was most helpful and what resulted from that manipulation of the SNR image.
  3. Explain if there was anything visible in the image after manipulation that was not visible to you before manipulation. If so, what does it appear to be?

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