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In the list below you will find terms commonly associated with the study of gamma-ray bursts. Beside each term you will find instructions. Follow the instructions to form a not-necessarily-scientific anagram of the designated term. You may change the order of the letters in the newly formed word. Here is an example: ray (add a d) - yard.

  1. light (add a c)
  2. energy (add a c)
  3. burst (drop a b)
  4. emit (add a s)
  5. space (add a r)
  6. swift (drop the w)
  7. Sun (add a b)
  8. radio (drop the i)
  9. wave (add an e)
  10. gamma (drop the g)
  11. wave (drop the v)
  12. bright (drop the g)
  13. radio (drop the o)
  14. emit (drop the I)
  15. sky (add an e)

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