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VI. Additional Resources

  1. Web Sites

  2. The chemical elements and the Periodic Table - Properties of each of the elements, with information about their discovery. - An extensive history of the periodic table. - The Education area of this web site for the Genesis mission contains a number of classroom materials on the periodic table and cosmic chemistry.

    The Big Bang and Early Nucleosynthesis - The "Universe" section of this site for the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe provides information on the Big Bang and nucleosynthesis

    Spectra of Atoms - Emission line spectra of a wide range of atoms.

    Life Cycles of Stars

    Cosmic Evolution from the Big Bang to Human Kind

    Cosmic Rays

  3. Magazines

  4. "We are all Star Stuff", Neil F. Comins, Astronomy Magazine, Jan 2001
    Element building in stars.

    "Tabling the Matter" by Jim Caddick, The Exploratorium Quarterly, Summer 1992.
    Mendeleev and the development of the periodic table.

  5. Video

  6. "The Strange Case of the Cosmic Rays", 1957, directed by William T. Hurtz and Frank Capra, produced by Bell Labs as part of their Science Film series.

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