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VIII. Related Resources


Besides the information you will find about black holes in the Imagine the Universe! Web site, try these other sites:
This page explains for the K-4 student what black holes are and how we know they exist.
This page contains information about black holes and how we know they exist for a grade 5-8 student, links to glossary terms and a movie about a "Journey into a Black Hole."

For more information about various missions and observatories: - Chandra X-ray Observatory ( - Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer ( - Roentgen Satellite ( - ASCA Satellite ( - Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory ( - National Radio Astronomy Observatory



• Couper, Heather and Henbest, Nigel, Black Holes, Dorling Kindersley Publ., 1996. A colorful introduction to the many strange behaviors and appearances of black holes. Intended for middle school to high school levels.

• Novikov, Igor, Black Holes and the Universe, Canto Edition, Cambridge University Press, 1995. A well-written, non-technical introduction to black holes and their phenomena. An interested high school student can easily enjoy this book.

• Mitton, Jacqueline & Simon, The Young Oxford Book of Astronomy, Oxford University Press, Inc., 1995. This book explains many concepts in astronomy from the Solar System, galaxies, and the Universe, including black holes. Intended for the middle or high school student.

Voyage Through the Universe: Stars, Time-Life Books. This volume is one of a series that examines the Universe in all its aspects. General information for the upper high school student (and above), related to black holes, will be found in the 'Neutron Stars and Black Holes' chapter.


• "Exploding Stars and Black Holes", Mysteries of Deep Space, PBS Home Video,
Turner Home Entertainment (60 minutes). This is a well-told story that explains the life cycle of massive stars that will eventually die as black holes. Intended for the high-school student and above.

• "Search For Black Holes", New River Media (60 minutes). This is a video that contains interviews with all of the "who's who" in black holes today. Some of the animations are quite clever. Intended for the high-school student and above.

• "Black Holes and Beyond" (60 minutes), Stephen Hawking's Universe Series. The animations in this video are very attractive. Intended for the high-school student and above.

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