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Table of Contents i
Association with National Mathematics and Science Standards ii
Preface 1
Welcome to an Amazing Universe 2
Introduction to Black Holes 3
 Black Holes Come in All Sizes (Masses) 4
 More about Stellar-mass Black Holes 4
 More about Medium-Size Black Holes 5
 More about Supermassive Black Holes 5
 Role of Black Holes in Development of the Early Universe 6
 If We Can't See It, How Do We Know It's There? 6
 Journey into a Black Hole 7
The Electromagnetic Spectrum as a Probe of Black Holes 9
Activities and Problems Related to Black Holes 11
 Model a Black Hole 11
 Aluminum Foil, Balloons, and Black Holes 12
 Gravity Is as Gravity Does 17
 Testing Einstein 101 21
 Crossing the Event Horizon 22
 How Much Do You Know? 22
 Inevitable Mathematics 23
Answers 24
About the Poster 27
Glossary 28
Related Resources 29

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