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Satellites and Data

Welcome to an Introduction to Satellites and their Data. Here you can find out all about the satellites, their missions, the kinds of data they produced, and the exciting discoveries derived from those data.

The Satellites

Probing the structure and evolution of our Universe and the objects its contains requires, in general, that we make our observations above Earth's absorbing atmosphere. Starting with sounding rocket flights in the late 1940s, scientists have been able to develop ever-better instruments to probe deeper into space and finer into the details of our cosmos. This section will allow you to learn about the satellites and missions which have provided scientists the foundation of "what we know".

* Tell Me about X-ray Astronomy Satellites & Missions
* Tell Me about Gamma-ray Astronomy Satellites & Missions
* Tell Me about Cosmic Ray Satellites & Missions

The Data

The information, or data, about our Universe measured by the instruments aboard satellites are transferred to the ground and analyzed by scientists. The data can arrive in many forms and much processing is usually required before it can be used to "do science". This section will discuss the data, the typical processing, the final data archive, the scientific analysis process, and the final scientific results.

* Tell Me about Getting Data from the Satellite to the Ground
* Tell Me about Data Processing
* Tell Me about Data Archives
* Tell Me about Data Analysis

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