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Sample List of Publications of the SNR Group

"An X-ray and Optical Study of the Supernova Remnant W44", Rho, J., Petre, R., Schlegel, E.M., and Hester, J., 1994, ApJ, 430, 757

"ASCA Observations of Cassiopeia A", Holt, S.S., Gotthelf, E.V., Tsunemi, H., and Negoro, H., 1994, PASJ, 46, L151

"Detection of Soft X-rays from Supernova 1993J Six Days After Outburst", Zimmermann, H.U., Lewin, W., Predehl, P., Aschenbach, B., Fabbiano, G., Hasinger, G., Lubin, L., Magnier, E., van Paradijs, J., Petre, R., Pietsch, W., and TrŮmper, J., 1994, Nat, 367, 621

"Detection of X-rays from SN 1993J with ASCA", Kohmura, Y., Inoue, H., Aoki, T., Ishida, M., Itoh, M., Kotani, T., Tanaka, Y., Ishisaki, Y., Makishima, K., Matsushita, K., Gotthelf, E., Ricker, G., and Tsusaka, Y., 1994, PASJ, 46, L157

"Observations of Cosmic Ray Electrons and Positrons Using an Imaging Calorimeter", Golden, R.L., Grimani, C., Kimbell, B.L., Stephens, S.A., Stochaj, S.J., Webber, W.R., Basini, G., Bongiorno, F., Massimo Brancaccio, F., Ricci, M., Ormes, J.F., Seo, E.S., Streitmatter, R.E., Papini, P., Spillantini, P., Brunetti, M.T., Codino, A., Menichelli, M., Salvatori, I., De Pascale, M.P., Morselli, A., and Picozza, P., 1994, ApJ, 436, 769

"The Broad Band X-Ray Spectrum of SN1978k and Two Other Luminous X-ray Sources in the Spiral Galaxy NGC 1313", Petre, R., Okada, K., Mihara, T., Makishima, K., and Colbert, E.J.M., 1994, PASJ, 46, L115

"The Very Luminous Supernova Remnant in NGC 6946", Schlegel, Eric M., 1994, ApJ, 424, L99

"X-ray Emission from the Historical Supernovae in NGC 6946: SN1980K and SN1968D Recovered?", Schlegel, E.M., 1994, AJ, 108, 1893

"X-Ray Spectroscopy of SNR E0102-72 with the ASCA Satellite", Hayashi, I., Koyama, K., Ozaki, M., Miyata, E., Tsunemi, H., Hughes, J.P., and Petre, R., 1994, PASJ, 46, L121

"A ROSAT Upper Limit on X-Ray Emission from SN 1992A", Schlegel, E.M., and Petre, R., 1993, ApJ, 412, L29

"SN 1978K: An Extraordinary Supernova in the Nearby Galaxy NGC 1313", Ryder, S., Staveley-Smith, L., Dopita, M., Petre, R., Colbert, E., Malin, D., and Schlegel, E., 1993, ApJ, 416, 167

"A Search for Ultra-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Emission from Five Supernova Remnants", Allen, G.E., Berley, D., Biller, S., Burman, R.L., Cavalli-Sforza, M., Chang, C.Y., Chen, M.L., Chumney, P., Coyne, D., Dion, C.L., Dorfan, D., Ellsworth, R.W., Goodman, J.A., Haines, T.J., Hoffman, C.M., Kelley, L., Klein, S., Schmidt, D.M.., Schnee, R., Shoup, A., Sinnis, C., Stark, M.J., Williams, D.A., Wu, J.-P., Yang, T., and Yodh, G.B., 1995, ApJ, 448, L25

"ASCA Observations of the Large Magellanic Gloud Supernova Remnant Sample: Typing Supernovae From Their Remnants", Hughes, J.P., Hayashi, I., Helfand, D., Hwang, U., Itoh, M., Kirshner, R., Koyama, K., Markert, T., Tsunemi, H., and Woo, J., 1995, ApJ, 444, L81

"Evidence for Shock Acceleration of High-Energy Electrons in the Supernova Remnant SN1006", Koyama, K., Petre, R., Gotthelf, E.V., Hwang, U., Matsuura, M., Ozaki, M., and Holt, S.S., 1995, Nat, 378, 255

"The X-ray Light Curve of the Very Luminous SN 1978K in NGC 1313", Schlegel, E.M., Petre, R., and Colbert, E.J.M., 1996, ApJ, 456, 187

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