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Imagine the Universe! Special Exhibits

Several times a year, we have special exhibits on our site. These exhibits focus on an exciting topic which deserves some special attention.

Our current featured exhibits are:

Featured Scientist: Dr. Joanne Hill

The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Other Special Exhibits

Happy 10th Anniversary Imagine the Universe! - A retrospective of what we knew when the Imagine site debuted in 1996 and what we knew at our 10th Anniversary in 2006.

Multimedia Theatre
A collection of video clips which highlight different phenomena in high-energy astronomy.

Solve the mysteries of the Universe!

  • You be the Astrophysicist
    Determine the mass of a black hole, find the velocity of the Andromeda Galaxy, or determine the size of a star.

Satellite Showcase
Satellites, past, present and future, which make the discoveries that drive our knowledge of the energetic Universe.

  • Fermi
    The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (Fermi) is the latest high energy gamma-ray observatory launched by NASA. It is designed to study energetic phenomena from a variety of celestial sources.

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Featured Scientists
Meet the people behind the science!

  • Dr. Ed Wollack
    Ed Wollack discovered very early on in life that he truly enjoyed making things, pondering over puzzles, and playing with light. Perhaps it's not surprising that these interests led him to become an astrophysicist, developing instruments that have helped see the edges of the known universe.

  • Dr. John Baker
    Understanding the extreme gravity in the merger of black holes -- as predicted by Einstein -- is what drives John's research.

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Focus On...
Special objects and images in high-energy astronomy.

On The Edge
A look at the different research groups that are putting the pieces of high-energy astronomy together.

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