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X-ray/Gamma-ray Astronomy

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  1. The Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer Learning Center (

  2. Imagine the Universe! X-ray Astronomy

  3. Imagine the Universe! The History of Gamma-ray Astronomy

Library of Past Questions and Answers

    Medical Use and Medical Effects of Radiation

This subject is outside our areas of expertise. You might want to try the Health PhysicsSociety ( site.
    Electromagnetic Radiation towards the Higher Energies

  1. Where can I get a poster of the Electromagnetic Spectrum?

  2. Where could I find some pictures of UV radiation?

  3. What are the wavelengths and frequency ranges for the subdivisions of the EM Spectrum?

  4. What are X-rays and gamma-rays?

  5. Is there an upper limit to the Electromagnetic Spectrum

    Space Astronomy

  1. What is Space Astronomy?

  2. What are the limitations of ground-based astronomy?

  3. What is astrophysics? What is high energy astrophysics?


  1. How do X-rays work? (from a 5-year old)

  2. Who were some of the pioneers of X-ray astronomy?

  3. How does an X-ray Telescope work?

  4. What are the physical mechanisms that cause X-ray radiation?

  5. Did anyone analyze X-ray emission from Comet Hale-Bopp?

  6. How are X-rays and gamma-rays produced in space?

  7. What are the principle sources of X-rays and gamma-rays?


  1. Who discovered Gamma-rays?

  2. What do Gamma-ray Astronomers do?

  3. Do gamma-rays penetrate our atmosphere?

  4. I have questions about gamma-ray showers and Cerenkov detectors.

  5. Can gamma-rays react with CO2 in our atmosphere? If so, how?

  6. What happens to people who have been exposed to a lot of gamma-rays?

  7. Why are gamma-rays more dangerous than radio waves?

  8. Is it possible to have high-energy gamma-ray emission from de-excitation of nuclei?

  9. Does electron-positron annihilation always yields energy in the gamma-ray band?

  10. What is anti-matter?

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