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Space Travel

  • We no longer answer questions on this topic, to concentrate our limited resources on questions on space based astrophysics and closely related areas (see this page for more explanation).
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Resources for this Topic

  1. NASA's Kennedy Space Center (

  2. NASA's Johnson Space Center (

  3. The Space Team answers your questions (

Library of Past Questions and Answers

    Becoming/Being an Astronaut

  1. What do I have to do to became an astronaut?

  2. What kind underwear do astronauts wear to keep warm?

  3. When astronauts are in space, do they get lonely?

  4. How do astronauts go to the bathroom in space?

  5. How would the unprotected human body react to the vacuum of outer space?

  6. What danger does solar or cosmic radiation pose to astronauts?

  7. How is it possible for manned space flights to survive the effects of the Van Allen Radiation Belt?

  8. How are the cosmonauts in MIR protected from Ultraviolet, X-Rays and Gamma-rays?

    Animals and Plants in Space

  1. Do you have web pages on Laika the Dog and the early Russian Space Program?

  2. Have bats ever flown on the Space Shuttle?

  3. How can I design an experiment to grow potatoes in space?

    Historical Space Flights

  1. Who was Valentina Tereshkova?

  2. Where can we find more information about John Glenn's spacecraft, Friendship 7?

  3. How long did it take to build the first space ship to the Moon?

  4. Can you help me find the picture of the Apollo 15 astronaut dropping the hammer and the falcon feather on the Moon?

  5. Was the Apollo 18 rocket flight of 1975 the last rocket to splash down?

  6. Do you have information on Skylab?

    The Space Shuttle Program

  1. Do you have any information on the Challenger?

  2. Where can I find information on the latest Space Telescope servicing mission?

  3. Do the astronauts have a hard time taking care of the Hubble Space Telescope? How is the film changed?

  4. What is the altitude at which the Space Shuttle orbits?

    Exploring New Worlds

  1. What is the farthest a spacecraft has ever been from Earth?

  2. What is your opinion on exploring Mars with a vehicle capable of flight?

  3. What is Voyager doing now that it has left our solar system?

  4. Can you please tell me the facts about the launch of the Cassini Mission?

  5. Is crossing the asteroid belt a danger to spacecraft?

    Future of Space Travel

  1. Will space flight ever be possible for the average citizen?

  2. Is it possible to create artificial gravity?

  3. Is a manned trip to Mars and back possible very soon?

  4. Will we ever live on another planet?

  5. Within 50 years, will we be able to travel to the stars?

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