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Quasars & Active Galaxies

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  1. Imagine the Universe! Active Galaxies and Quasars

  2. Quasi-stellar Objects (

Library of Past Questions and Answers


  1. Who discovered the quasar?

  2. What are Quasars? Is the Earth affected by them?

  3. Was the Milky Way galaxy once a Quasar?

  4. Can you give me detailed information about Quasars?

  5. How many quasars are known and how many are estimated to exist?

  6. Has anyone calculated the high and low limits of mass in the probable number of quasars?

  7. Why don't all Quasars show the nebulosity of host galaxies?

  8. Is the redshift of a Quasar a good indicator of its distance?

  9. How long is a Quasar's life and what happens when it dies?

  10. Why aren't there any quasars relatively close to us?

  11. Can you reconcile relativity and the superluminal jets from 3C273?

    Other Active Galaxies

  1. What is an AGN (Active Galactic Nucleus)?

  2. What do some galaxies have active nuclei, while others don't?

  3. What is a blazar?

  4. What is the difference between a blazar a quasar?

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