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Neutron Stars

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Resources for this Topic

  1. Imagine the Universe! Neutron Stars and Pulsars

  2. Virtual Trip to a Neutron Star (

  3. Introduction to neutron stars (

Library of Past Questions and Answers


  1. Who discovered the first pulsar?

  2. What is the difference between pulsars and neutron stars?

  3. Why do we study pulsars?

  4. Can you answer my many questions about pulsars?

  5. Why is a pulsar rotation axis and magnetic field not aligned?


  1. Are magnetars and pulsars related?

  2. How does a Magnetar form?

  3. Is a magnetar's mass greater than a normal neutron stars' mass?

    Neutron Stars (General)

  1. How far away is the nearest neutron star?

  2. How do you know the approximate weight of a neutron star?

  3. Is there a mass limit for neutron stars like there is for white dwarfs?

  4. What happens when a neutron star gets too massive?

  5. How long does a neutron star live?

  6. What is the "neutron star" state of matter?

  7. What is the news about a possible Strange Quark Star?

  8. How can neutron stars have a magnetic field if they are made out of neutrons?

  9. Is there evidence for the superfluid interior structure of neutron stars?

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