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Gamma-ray Bursts

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  1. Imagine the Universe! Gamma-ray Bursts

  2. Gamma Ray Skies, ( a Soundprint radio documentary heard on public radio stations

Library of Past Questions and Answers

    Gamma-ray Bursts

  1. Tell me more about efforts to detect gamma-rays from nuclear bombs tested in space and what was actually discovered.

  2. Exactly how energetic are Gamma-ray Bursts?

  3. What is "hypernova"?

  4. Could the Gamma-ray burst we are seeing be the effects of the formation of a new black hole?

  5. How can two merging Neutron Stars make a Gamma-Ray Burst?

  6. Could Gamma-ray Bursts (GRBs) be caused by evaporating mini black holes as suggested by Stephan Hawking?

  7. What did the optical afterglow light curve of GRB990510 tell us?

  8. What is the danger of a close GRB to Earth?

  9. Has the Earth evern been hit by a GRB in the past?

  10. Would a Gamma-ray burst from Eta Carina going Hypernova kill us?

  11. Do we only see a fraction of the GRBs because they are beamed?

  12. How are GRB distances measured?

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