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The Question

(Submitted March 21, 1997)

We did a first day of spring experiment. We were able to balance an egg on its end on one of the tables in our classroom. We don't know why this worked. Does anyone have an answer for us?

The Answer

I can suggest a good follow-up experiment --- pick a random day of the year and try again to balance an egg on its end on several different tables, including the one you had success with on the first day of spring. Try with several eggs, as the shapes of the individual eggs do matter. Mark the eggs to indicate which ones could be balanced, and save them in a fridge. Try the same experiments again a few days later, with those saved eggs. In this way, you'll be able to figure out what was the cause and what was just a coincidence.

Best wishes,

Koji Mukai
for Imagine the Universe!

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