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The Question

(Submitted December 09, 1996)

Was the Apollo 18 rocket flight of 1975 the last rocket to splash down?

The Answer

We assume that you are referring to the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. Then, yes, it was the last splash-down that we know of. (Assuming that you mean a splash-down of a manned capsule by NASA.) Naturally, there have been many un-manned flights that have landed in the ocean when the flight was over. There are also many books on the space program that you can find at your local library, plus a NASA history home page at We do not know if it was the last splash-down by any manned spacecraft, because we are not experts in space history. We suggest that you go to your local library to learn more about this.

Jonathan Keohane and Koji Mukai
for Imagine the Universe!

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