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The Question

(Submitted November 18, 1996)

I am working on an experiment for the Space Science Student Involvement Program for my Biology class. I was wondering if you could help me with my design. My proposal is about growing potatoes in space aboard the Spacelab. Please e-mail me any information that might be appropriate.

The Answer

Since we here at this laboratory work mostly on astronomy involving X-rays, gamma-rays, and cosmic rays, I don't have any real expertise in the subject of growing potatoes in space. However, as I am sure you know, there was an experiment on the shuttle spacelab flight STS73 which studied this subject. Some of the results are discussed in the following web page:
If this is information that you already have, or if you really want inside information about how the experiments were done, then I suggest that you get in touch directly via email or telephone with the experimenters mentioned in the first article. Most scientists are very happy to discuss their work with others, or at least to direct you to someone else who is! I hope that this is helpful to you.


Tim Kallman
(for the Ask an Astrophysicist team)

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