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The Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD, on the web at displays a different astronomy and space science related picture each day with a brief educational text and links to related Web pages. APOD began life in June 1995, and its archive now represents one of the largest online annotated collections of science images.

This DVD contains the collection of the APOD daily pages for the calendar year 2011. Each page contains links to other pages on this DVD: other APOD pages, Imagine the Universe!, and the StarChild site. Each page also contains a hot link to the original APOD page online, where you can find all the original external links. You must be connected to the internet to access the original APOD pages online.

Many APOD pages contain links to previous years' APODS (dating back to 1995). We have retained these links and included those pages on this DVD. We have also included the APOD pages from previous years in the INDEX. On the Index pages, these are listed separately from the 2011 pages. In order to conserve space, we have not included the high resolution versions of the images from previous years. But you can always get those online.

[NOTE: Some browsers may have trouble viewing some of the large resolution images. If this happens, download the image (usually by right-clicking on the link) and view it using some other image viewer.]

Definitions from the Imagine the Universe! Glossary
Definitions from the Imagine the Universe! glossary appear as pop-up windows. Just let your curser dwell for a few seconds over a dictionary term and the definition will appear in a small box next to the word. Javascript must be enabled in your browser for this feature to work. Note that this feature applies only to this DVD and not to APOD online. The full glossary (with links to topics on the Imagine site) is part of the Imagine the Universe! site.

About Navigation
You may maneuver through the APOD site using the links at the bottom of each page. They function in the following way:

< - link to the previous date's APOD.

ARCHIVE - a day-by-day text listing of links to each entry of the APOD year

INDEX - an index of topics so that APOD pages may be browsed by subject matter.

CALENDAR - a month-by-month way of looking at the archive with thumbnail images for each day of the month

EDUCATION - a listing of other WWW sites related to astronomy education

ABOUT APOD - learn all about who we are and other interesting APOD information

> - link to the next date's APOD.

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