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Other NASA Print Resources

Bookmarks and Trading Cards - NASA produces bookmarks and trading cards that encourage students and teachers to visit online educational resources, or to explore STEM content fields. (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.) Here you'll find things like designing 21st century aircraft, with paper glider designs on the back. You'll find Galaxy and Solar System trading cards that you can print.
Lithographs - NASA lithographs are mini posters. Usually 8 1/2 x 11 inches in size, the front will contain a photo, illustration, or painting. The back side of the lithograph will provide additional information, resources, graphs and charts, etc. One of the most popular series of lithographs are the Solar System Lithograph set, which you'll find by clicking this link.
Pictures - Of course, NASA is well known for the stunning images from the Hubble Space Telescope and other technology sources. Click this link to see what's available on the Internet Archive's NASA Images.
Posters - NASA posters are wonderful. A beautiful and informative image on the front; On the back are lesson plans, additional information and resources, links to online activities, and more.
Educator Kits and Briefs and Magazines - Educator Kits are collections of NASA materials that are based around a theme, such as the Sun-Earth connection. Briefs are short educational documents that describe a scientific principle or a NASA project.


Please note that the collection of NASA materials available here were current when printed. Each will have a NASA number on it somewhere - such as EP-2002-03-406-HQ - which stands for an Educational Product in the year 2002. Please keep in mind the date published - as information and technologies have progressed since its publication date - the information may no longer be correct or current.