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Nathan's Photoshop Resources

Welcome to my resources I use for Photoshop workshops - usually a 3 hour crash course to introduce you to many of the powerful features that will allow you to create and manipulate graphics, text, and photos.

I've been using Photoshop for many years (since version 2) - and I'll be the first to tell you I'm still learning new things about Photoshop every day. So I don't expect you to come away from this workshop as a pro - but at least you'll know many of the features and how to use them. These will get you started on the road to becoming a Photoshop pro.

To help you during and after our workshop, I'm including links to many wonderful resources that will help you learn Photoshop. Please take some time to explore. Come back often - I'll leave these here for you.

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Photoshop CS4 Extended


Workshop Agenda!


Recommended Reading

There are many Photoshop books out there. Most that I've read are recipe books - do this, then do that, and you get such-n-such. However, one book really changed my level of Photoshop mastery because it explained why things work the way they do, and the underlying concepts and strategies behind each tool.

The newest edition is titled, "Adobe Photoshop CS5 Studio Techniques" by Ben Wllmore. You can get more information, and even a peek inside the book at Amazon.com.

Photoshop CS4 Extended



Photoshop Tutorials (Videos are mp4 or m4v)

These videos are from podcasts available freely on the Internet. Some of the podcasts I've used here are (1) Photoshop User TV, (2) Photoshop Killer Tips, (3) Lynda.com Video Training, (4) Photoshop Top 40 with Deke McClelland, and more. Be sure to check these wonderful sites for even more updated podcasts!


Nathan's Photoshop Workshop for 2008 (Using Photoshop CS3)

Color Correction and sharpening an image

Removing Noise in an image

Selecting objects in your image

Merging Photos into a Panoramic Shot

Creating 3D looking graphics in Photoshop CS3

Masks and Adjustment Layers


Nathan's 2010 Photoshop Workshop (Using CS4 - some videos demonstrate earlier versions)

3D in Photoshop Extended

Actions in Photoshop

Adjustment Layers

Alpha Channels

Automation Commands

Bridge Application

Camera Raw

Color Correction

Color Picker Dialog Tricks

Color Sampler Tool

Crop Tool


Dodge, Burn, Saturation Tools

Eyedropper Tool


Free Transform

Gradient Tool

Healing Brush Tool



Luminence Blending

Masks and Adjustment Layers


Photoshop Interface


Sharpening Images

Smart Objects


Transform Command


Undo, History, Revert - How to fix your mess-ups!



Internet Resources that Teach Photoshop

Nathan's Galleries