Tutankhamen's Gift

Book Title: Tutankhamen's Gift

Author: Robert Sabuda

Publisher and Date: Atheneum Books, 1988

Curriculum Developer: Annette B. Watson.

Summary: Tutankhamen is the last child born of a great Egyptian Queen. He is bright and does well with his studies. Tutankhamen is small and frail and mostly ignored until his father Amenhotep III dies. His brother becomes pharaoh and is very unpopular with the people. He changes their religion and tears down the old temples. He mysteriously dies and Tutankhamen becomes pharaoh at the age of ten. He rebuilds the temples and reinstates the old religions.

Social Studies Relevance: This book deals with the history of Egypt. Tutankhamen was a well known figure in history. It is a good book to look at Egyptian art, the roles of the Pharaoh, a time line of Tutankhamen's life, and different social/economical status of the Egyptian people.

Grade Level Focus: 6th grade

Relationship to Social Studies State Core:

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Time Line

Egyptian Pharaohs

Egyptian Society

Egyptian Art

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