Social Studies and Children's Literature

Book Title: Tanya's Reunion

Author: Valerie Flournoy

Publisher and Date: Dial Books for Young Readers, 1995

Curriculum Developer: Angie Fenton

Summary: This is a story about a girl named Tanya, who is excited to travel to Virginia not only to attend her family reunion, but to see the farm where her Grandmother grew up. Upon Tanya's arrival, disappointment came upon her. What she observed at first was nothing like what she had expected until she began to see things through her Grandmother's eyes. Then she saw memories of people that her Grandmother knew and loved.

Social Studies Relevance: Tanya's Reunion would fit in well with a unit on families. This book would be good for examining the history of grandparents, roles of grandmothers and life on a farm. This story would also be a great way to discuss special memories that we hold dear in our life and in the lives of others that we know and love.

Grade Level Focus: 1st grade

Relationship to Social Studies State core:

Identify a logical sequence for tasks.

Predict simple conclusions to stories or situations.

Recall facts from stories or reports.

Describe possible solutions to problems in the family, school,

Show ways in which families provide the basic needs of love, food, shelter, clothing, companionship and protection to their members.

Compare similarities and differences among families, schools and neighborhoods.

Identify the geographic features, climatic conditions and natural resources of the local area.